Our Volunteering Values

The Perfect Volunteer

There are many ways people can spend money on leisure activities. We want them to come on a trip on the John Bunyan Community Boat so we can encourage people to use the river, promote and raise funds towards the Waterways Park project between the Great Ouse and the Grand Union – the goals of our owners, Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway Trust.

We are governed as a business. We are run as a business. And we need to grow the business to have greater impact. If we offer passengers a great experience from booking to disembarking they’ll tell others and come again. If we offer volunteers a great experience they’ll stay longer, improve their skills and attract others to join us.

Having a clear set of shared values and a positive culture will help us achieve all our aims.

What should it be like volunteering with the John Bunyan?

We’re committed to training; we have pride in our business and strive to improve
We treat public, crew and business partners in a friendly manner
Boat and land crews work together to ensure customers get great cruises
Our roles as volunteers should be satisfying, with opportunities to continue to train and develop our skills
Everyone’s work for JB should be great fun for a worthwhile purpose
We won’t watch someone struggle; we help each other to improve and succeed
Everyone has a voice and we listen; we treat one another with respect and accept the rights of others to do the role they’ve been given
We value everyone’s commitment, effort and achievement

So we aim for professional, friendly teamwork

that’s fulfilling and fun,

because it’s supportive, respectful and appreciative.