Cruises upriver

Cruise A - 2 hour cruise: Priory Marina to Bedford Town Centre

Going upstream through Bedford Town Lock, St Pauls Church can be viewed as we approach Town Bridge continuing upstream to Sovereigns Quay and under County Bridge before turning back.

Cruise B - 3 hour cruise to Queens Park

For a slightly longer cruise we continue up to Queens Bridge where you can catch a glimpse of the Guru Nanak Gurdwara temple in Queens Park, then turn to go downstream towards the Barns Hotel before heading back to Priory Marina.

Cruise C - 4 hour cruise to Kempston

Continues up from Queens Park, past the double island, swinging south into Kempston, turning round in sight of Kempston Mill, before heading back to Priory Marina.

Note: cruise options are subject to river conditions and on the day the Boatmaster has the right to adjust the chosen route for safety reasons.